Become a Senior Rep

Get some CASH for yourself and earn your way to a free senior portrait session

The Best way to Pay for your senior portrait session

Do you like earning money? Do you have friends? Then read below for details on how to get cash and earn a free Senior Collection 1 session.

Join the Team

For a deposit of $100, you can join the team of seniors who are spreading the word about Bellemore Photography and earning money. The $100 goes towards your senior session and pays for prints or towards a session upgrade.

Get a Free Mini Session

Once you’ve joined the team, we’ll schedule a free group mini session where you will get pictures taken. You will get access to these photos for download and purchase.

You will also get an exclusive personalized mobile app for your phone with all of your pictures from the shoot and rep cards that you or your parents can hand out.

Spread the Love

Once you get your free mobile app and Rep cards, you’ll tell all your friends how much fun it was and that they should book their senior session through Bellemore Photography as well. Your family can help with this part too. Parents tend to know lots of people!

Earn Money and % Off Your Own Senior Session

For every friend that books a session and pays their retainer, you will get $20 in cash and your parents will get 1/5 off your session. After 5 friends book their session and pay their retainer, you will have $100 and a free Senior Collection 1 Session.

Are You Excited yet?

Don’t delay! The Senior Rep Group shoot will be scheduled soon and you don’t want to miss getting your shot at earning money!


Here are some ideas for your session from some other seniors

The Boring Fine Print:

$100 retainer is required to participate in the program. This will serve as your retainer for your senior session and if you end up getting your Senior Collection 1 session free, you may use the retainer to upgrade your session or convert it to print credit. No money will be refunded from the retainer. This holds your date and ensures your participation in the program.

All Reps must sign up and pay their $100 retainer by Sept 20, 2019. Group shoot will be scheduled for the week beginning Sept 21, 2019. This session is for promotional purposes and you must consent to the photos being used for promotional purposes by Bellemore Photography.

You must commit to do your senior session with Bellemore Photography and if you are a senior this year you must book and complete your senior session no later than May 15, 2020. This will ensure your pictures are ready in time for your graduation.  If you are a junior, your senior session must be completed by May 15, 2021.

The $20 will be given to the Senior Rep in cash and will be distributed after I receive the retainer for the referred session. Reps will continue to get $20 for every session they refer but after 5 referred sessions, their Senior Collection 1 session is free and cannot be less than free. No further session credit will be earned.

Families will earn 1/5 off a Senior Collection 1 session for every referred session that pays their retainer by March 1, 2020.  No referrals for this year will be credited after March 1, 2020. After March 1, 2020 only sessions for graduation year 2021 will be accepted and those sessions will begin to be scheduled in July 2020.

Immediate benefits of joining the program: Free half hour session, free mobile app, free senior referral cards and the opportunity to purchase prints from the free half hour session.

Examples of how to earn:

Example 1 (more than 5 referrals):
Dillon becomes a rep and pays his $100 retainer
Dillon gets 10 referrals
Dillon gets $200 cash; his parents get a free Senior Collection 1 session

Example 2 (exactly 5 referrals):
Javier becomes a rep and pays his $100 retainer
Javier gets 5 referrals
Javier gets $100 cash; his parents get a free Senior Collection 1 session

Example 3 (less than 5 referrals):
Casey becomes a rep and pays his $100 retainer
Casey gets 2 referrals
Casey gets $40 cash (2 referrals); his parents get a Senior Collection 1 session at 40% off

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