UnPaper Towels

If you’re anything like me, you usually have a paper towel set aside on your cabinet to use again for drying your hands or wiping down your sink. Between the supply chain issues making paper products hard to get and my wish to just be less wasteful and use less single-use products, I decided to try unpaper towels. They can be used anywhere you’d normally use a paper towel and the bonus is that they are super absorbent. I tested this out at my last family gathering when for some reason, people kept spilling their beverages. It was so quick and easy to mop up the spills. Then I just threw them in the washing machine and dryer and they were like new. I haven’t completely replaced my paper towels, there are still some gross spills or other things that I haven’t tried to clean up with the unpaper towels, but at least for drying my hands, and wiping down the sinks and counters I’ve switched to these.