This has been a strange fall so far. Warmer than normal temperatures in September have kept the leaves from turning their usual pretty shades of orange, red and yellow. Many of us that love the fall colors have been waiting to get our family photos taken.

Well, last weekend it finally happened! We reached peak color in NJ. I grabbed my nephews and we went out in search of a good park with lots of fall foilage. We did some pictures right on the street I grew up on, since there was a beautiful canopy of brightly colored trees. Then we went for a hike at Crystal Lake park in Mansfield, NJ.

My nephews are the active type so to get their pictures taken, I have to tire them out first. We went for a hike to try to find the lake, but the path was too wet and slippery, so we ultimately went back and ran around the fields for a bit. In between, we stopped to climb on fallen logs, hop on rocks and take some pictures.

The whole shoot took about an hour with lots of breaks to get the sillies out. We even managed to get some mommy/son photos.