Harlem based musician, Caleb Hawley, just released a new album today titled “Love, Drugs and Decisions.” I’ve been lucky enough to hear some of these songs live and have been anxiously awaiting their release.  One of my favorite songs on the album, “Stalk Me,” was actually released as a single in 2015. If you haven’t seen the music video for it, you need to watch it now. It’s so good and has a surprise twist at the end. Fellow New York musician, BSKi, is featured in the video too, and he’s the one being “stalked.” You can find the video here. Also, fun fact- the bass line in the song, which is perhaps my favorite part, was recorded by the amazing bass guitar player Joe Dart of Vulfpeck.

The album is funky, soulful, funny at times and at other times reminds me of some 90’s R&B. “Pieces on the Inside” makes me want to dance and around and sing out loud. (I won’t do that in public though, cause I am not a good singer) This is going to be a crowd favorite at shows for sure. “I Choose” is deep, soulful and soul bearing. “U & I”, a song written for his wife, Samantha, is so sweet and perfectly celebrates how it is to have a significant other.  “We all Got Problems” is an old song of Caleb’s that he rerecorded and made way funkier. The first time I heard this played live, I was hooked and look forward to hearing it at every show. It’s relateable because it talks about the fact that we all have problems and touches on the fact that many of us are on several prescriptions just to get through the day to day.

The album is available now on all major music platforms.

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