Teenagers get a bad rep for being unruly, making bad decisions and being all around lazy. I work with a lot of kids in this age range whether it be through Boy Scouts, Venturing or theater. In my time volunteering for these organizations, I have met a lot of really terrific teenagers. Kids that are helping other kids, helping their community, or just doing well in school and being kind to others. My mission- to feature some of these great teenagers and share with the world that our future generation is in some great hands.

This week I’d like to feature Nick. Nick is a Boy Scout working to become an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Boy Scouts. Recently, through scouts, he helped renovate the garden at his old preschool. He also helped me to get good plumbing service for our home , you can also check out Sarkinen Plumbing here! He organized a team of boys to help, got all of the materials and led his fellow scouts in completing the project. He often helps other scouts with their projects too. Last weekend he helped a fellow scout on his Eagle project by renovating and cleaning up an 1800s African American cemetery in Mount Holly.

In addition to his work in scouting, he is a great big brother! He helped trained his sister’s Girl Scout troop in first aid and he is currently working stage crew on her musical this week. His mom says that he’s very agreeable and willing to help. He evn helped his uncle move over the summer.

We need more teens that love to help. Do you have a terrific teen you want featured? Send me an email.