As a seasoned wedding photographer I have been to a lot of weddings in my 10 years in the business and let me tell you that something goes wrong at EVERY SINGLE WEDDING. From big issues like people finding out they have secret siblings to small issues like a groom’s pants hem coming undone, it’s always something. You can’t be prepared for the surprises that friends and family members throw at you, but you can help be ready for some of the things that can happen. Assembling an emergency kit to take along with you is a great way to help you deal with the snafus as they come up. As a Boy Scout leader myself, I have my own emergency kit in my photo bag to not only deal with any issues I may have but to help my clients as well. So what should be in this magical kit? Click on the sections below to see additional details.
A Nice Bag for your supplies
Preferably one with a zipper or closure so the contents don’t get lost in transit
First Aid Kit
Band Aids, moleskin for blisters, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, and super glue for those manicure issues
Having the basics- Advil, Tylenol, Immodium and Benadryl is always useful.
Sewing Kit
Clothing issues are one of the most common problems I see on wedding days. Keep a few different colored spools of thread, a few needles and lots of safety pins of different sizes.
Hair Essentials
Hairspray, bobbypins, clips, gel and hair ties
Tampons and Pads
Even if you don’t need them, someone else may and it’s best to always be prepared.
Stain Stick
They have lots of different brands now but everyone has to eat at some point during the day and for some reason tomato sauce loves white dresses. Also good for when the flower girl just had to have that tinted lip gloss and then comes over and buries her face in your gown.
Oral Hygiene Products
Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash will help most dental problems. If someone knocks a tooth out, see items in the first aid kit.
I know you think I’m crazy with this one but if you don’t have that lipstick that stays on forever, drinking through a straw will save your lipstick from coming off too much.
Manicure Touch Up Kit
Nail files and clear nail polish along with song Krazy Glue for any ripped nails.
Black Dress Socks
Because inevitably, one of your fiance’s yahoo friends will forget theirs or show up in white tube socks.
Oil Absorbing Sheets
Have you ever seen fancy makeup in the summer sun? These blotting sheets help take off the sweat and leave the makeup.
Tissues, Wipes
It’s handy to have both Makeup wipes and baby wipes to help clean up any unexpected messes.
Bottle of Water and Snacks
You’ll be eating at weird times on your wedding day, so having a bottle of water and some high energy snacks handy will keep your blood sugar from tanking.
TO cure those tummy troubles.
Lint Roller
For when the ring bearer rolls around on the white carpet and is covered in fuzz or when your fiance has to hug the cat one last time before he leaves the house.
Get the spray kind so multiple people can use it.
For any candles you need lit
Fake Wedding Ring
This happened to me. My MOH left the rings at home and I had to beg rings from the people in the church.