All of us have that one thing that we’re really passionate about whether it’s a TV show, movie, hobby or sports team. Couples have been getting very clever in recent years by subtlety (Or not so subtlety) Adding elements from their favorite things into their wedding.

It all starts with the engagement session. What do the two of you love to do? Where do you go that reminds you of being together as a couple? Are you both obsessed with Game of Thrones? Do you love the Eagles? Why not have a themed engagement session to reflect the elements you love as a couple? I recently had a couple that shared a love of minor league baseball, so we had the engagement session right on the field in the stadium of their favorite team! We had the whole place to ourselves. It was so much fun!

The next step is taking thos esame elements and making them a part of your wedding celebration. It can be as grand as having a whole comic book themed wedding with decorations themed after your favorite superhero, to small details such as a board game that you both enjoy playing on every table at your reception.
If you want to both dress in robes and have a giant Harry Potter themed wedding, definitely call me. I’ll join right in with my wand and Ravenclaw robe.

Another thing that can be themed is a special cocktail or drink. I had a couple have butterbeer cocktails at their reception as a nod to their love of Hogwarts and all things wizarding related.

One couple just loved dinosaurs, so they had a dino cake topper and dinosaur placecard holders. They also gave out little plastic dinosaurs with their favors.

If I had to get married all over again, I think I’d have a Star Wars themed wedding. Nothing to overtly Star Wars but maybe my husband would have a tie with the rebel crest on it and I’d wear my Star Wars Keds under my dress. We’d have guests sitting at tables named after planets in the Star Wars universe and a Death Star cake topper. The dessert bar would be Dark side and Light Side and of course we’d be introduced to the theme they play at the end of A New Hope during the medal ceremony. Nothing crazy, just little touches of what we loved to make it more fun for us and the guests.
No matter what theme you pick, or how involved you want it to be, have fun with it! This is your special day and everyone will appreciate unique wedding details that reflect your personalities. They are some of my favorite details to photograph.

What would be your ideal wedding theme? Leave your ideas in the comments below.