It was a beautiful November day in Princeton, NJ for a very magical engagement session. Shirley and Cody made my day when they called and said they were big fans of Harry Potter and wanted to do a Potter-inspired engagement session. I immediately donned my house colors and suggested we go to my favorite Hogwarts-looking place in the area- Princeton University.

Shirley came prepared with all her favorite items: a bludger, wands, and a golden snitch! We had so much fun playing around with the theme and talking about their love story. Harry Potter played a big part in how they met and I’m sure it will always be a big part of their love story in the future as well. What better way to capture that than with beautiful photos enhanced with a touch of magic?

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Golden Snitch
The Seeker and the Golden Snitch

After a quick game of Quidditch, we moved on to some more romantic photos. It was the perfect fall day weather-wise and all the leaves were in their peak color. We took advantage of the setting sun to show off the fall splendor of South Jersey.

Magical Engagement
Fall in NJ

There is this beautiful courtyard that just reminds me so much of Hogwarts and we had to get a few in there. It had a very Yule Ball feel to it, so I added some snow magic to some of them. I also used a tool from my favorite clipping path company to cut out some objects in the background.

I had “Hedwig’s Theme” queued up on my phone so they could have the proper inspiration for dancing.

Yule Ball
Winter at Hogwarts
Harry Potter Yule Ball

I love all things nerdy and bookish so when a couple tells me they want to be a bit creative and act out their favorite story, I jump at the chance. I can’t wait to see what lovely Harry Potter touches they have at their wedding next year. I’m dusting off my dress robes now.

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Hogwarts or Princeton
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