I love this couple! We did their engagement pictures at the Somerset Patriots Stadium in Somerset, NJ. We had the whole stadium to ourselves which was really cool. You can see those pictures here.

Wedding days almost never go as planned. Once you carefully plan everything, you have to set it in motion the day of the wedding and it just goes as it’s going to go. There are so many moving pieces, that’s it’s nearly impossible to control it all. This wedding was no exception. Both the couple and I had called the church in advance to see who would be officiating the ceremony and the day we arrived for the wedding, it was a completely different person. No big deal, we’ll go with the flow. Except after the ceremony, as we were doing some family portraits in the church, the bride and groom told me that they never got to say their vows.

As we drove around, we headed for the hole with the bridge on it. Once we got there and parked our golf carts, I set them up on the bridge and they exchanged their vows. I’m not going to lie, I almost cried. If I had my way, I’d love to give all couples this opportunity for some alone time together to just enjoy that they are now married.

Then it was off to the ceremony for dinner, dancing and cake!