Now is actually the perfect time to get your portraits done, in spite of the fact that maybe you want to lose some weight, or wait until your son’s front teeth come in, or until your husband stops making that doofy face he makes. (Trust me, that last one’s never going to stop happening.) 

I know this is the perfect time because I lost my mom a little over a year ago and she was never one to like getting her picture taken. She was overweight and hated how she looked in pictures. When we did manage to get her in a picture, it was because we called her name and got her to turn around and we snapped the picture. So you can imagine she looks either shocked or irritated in most of the shots we have. 

So when she passed, I wanted to find a good picture of her to keep on my desk so she’d still be with me everyday. I could not find one decent picture of her and by that I don’t mean one where she doesn’t look overweight or have a great haircut. I mean one where we actually got her to look at the camera and smile. One of her work friends that took a picture of her for work forwarded me a picture of her smiling. That’s the only nice picture I have of her and it makes me incredibly sad that I only have one. Don’t let your selfies on Instagram and Facebook be the only pictures you leave behind for your family.

Here’s the good news! I know all the best angles, the favorable lighting and I have the techniques to make your family smile genuinely. I’ve had clients that show up for the shoot with apprehension and sometimes fear about how the pictures will turn out. My favorite moment is when I send them their pictures and the are in complete awe of how I’ve managed to somehow capture the best of their family. You look your best when you are having fun and interacting with each other, and I will make sure you have fun during your shoot.

Life is short.  Don’t put off having a great family photo taken because of insecurities. When you are gone, your loved ones aren’t going to think you looked overweight or wrinkly. They are going to look at your portraits and remember you fondly.

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