Happy Easter! It’s surreal that we are still in our houses after a month of the president declaring the National State of Emergency on March 13, 2020. It’s Easter and all over the state, people are trying to make the best of the holiday. Many families have essential workers that are out working, helping this country keep moving and taking care of those that have become ill. I am thankful for those people and wish I could give them a big hug. 

While I was out, I was trying to document some of the things that I encountered. I don’t get out often so here’s a collection of images from the past few times I ventured out. Stay well, my friends and Happy Easter! 


295N in Mt Laurel on 4/12/2020 around 3pm. 

County Route 541 on 4/12/2020 around 3:30pm.

Billboards on 295 showing PSAs instead of advertisements.



All the Emergency Alert signs are giving the web address for the state site on Covid-19 information. 

The evolution of my face covering. I was wearing a covering about a week before anyone else. People were staring at my strangely when I went to CVS for the first time. 

A week later, in Aldi, with a better face mask that I hand sewed. Still not a ton of people wearing face coverings. Now it’s required and I’m making more for my family. 

It wasn’t really possible to stay 6ft away from people at Aldi. It’s too small a store. We were forced to line up in the aisle as people passed right by us to shop. You can see not many are wearing face coverings.

Bare shelves at Target very early on. This was 3/14/2020 in the bread aisle. People are hoarding weird things like Tortillas, but not Hostess products.


A moment of silence for a finished roll of toilet paper. After nearly two months of madness, it’s still hard to find TP.


Social Distancing Signs at Aldi. They have since put stronger practices into place, including one way aisles and limited amount of customers in the store. 


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