Teenagers get a bad rep for being unruly, making bad decisions and being all around lazy. I work with a lot of kids in this age range whether it be through Boy Scouts, Venturing or theater. In my time volunteering for these organizations, I have met a lot of really terrific teenagers. Kids that are helping other kids, helping their community, or just doing well in school and being kind to others. My mission- to feature some of these great teenagers and share with the world that our future generation is in some great hands.

Today, I want to talk a little about Madison. Madison and I got to chat while we took some photos in the park. She’s a member of the National Junior Honor Society at St. Paul’s School and recently ran a service project where she was able to use her love of crafting to help people. Her mom described the project to me, “Madison decided to make blankets for the Good Counsel Home for Mothers in Riverside.  She made six fleece blankets for the moms and babies residing at the home.  This was a very fulfilling project and Madison personally delivered the blankets to the home on Memorial Day weekend.  Every blanket included a personal note to let the mom know that Madison made the blanket by hand and would pray for the mom and her baby.”

In addition to using her crafting skills for good, she and her friends held a Valentine’s Day party at the Masonic Home this year. She loved getting to see all the older residents get up and dance with them. One of them said that they were going to “get in trouble” for dancing so much.

When Madison is not helping others, she enjoys cooking and watching The Flash. I hear she makes a mean homemade mac and cheese. I really enjoyed getting to learn more about Madison. She truly is a terrific teen!

Here are some of the photos we took.